About Carb & Nation

Carb & Nation is a Los Angeles-based food truck & catering company that creates chef-inspired sandwiches, craft sodas and custom catering. The chefs and co-owners of Carb & Nation were former sous chefs from Church & State restaurant in downtown LA (top 101 Jonathan’s Gold best restaurant) until they opened Carb & Nation’s doors early April 2014. What started out as a conversation on how to put together the perfect burger quickly turned into a study of various types of bread, sauces, cooking techniques, flavor combinations, and textures that would work together to enhance the experience of eating a sandwich.  The melting pot of different cultures in Los Angeles form the colors on our palette in which our inspiration is drawn from. Time spent working in some of the country’s top restaurants from New York to Los Angeles has enabled us to take our experiences with food and use them to make sandwich and soda combinations from traditional to new and exciting.

Our mission is to serve the local community with delicious sandwiches and sodas that can be appreciated by foodies and casual diners alike. We strive to create a fun environment with quick service, local ingredients, and the attention to detail that ensures the best dining experience possible.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.39.23 PMWhy the name Carb & Nation you ask? We decided on that name since we serve artisanal sandwiches (a carb) and homemade sodas (a carbonated beverage, cue the name Carb & Nation). Our menu changes seasonally fusing many styles of cooking and cuisines from different “nations” with inspirations from French, Italian, Modern American, and Asian backgrounds.

We take pride in our flatbread that comes from freshly made dough that we press and “bake” to order on our grill. It is not easy having raw dough versus ready made bread, but we strive to bring out the best in our food to our community. Our hand-made craft sodas are finished off with local fruits and herbs. We make our base syrups from scratch and add fresh aromatics to order. We muddle herbs, fruits, and berries in micro batches to add another layer of flavor that make our sodas POP.

It has been a challenge to speed up the execution of our made to order gourmet sandwiches and craft sodas at fast-food speed, but trust us when we say it is definitely worth the wait!




Fata Wijaya grew up in Indonesia before moving with his family to southern California, where he earned an Associates of Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu.  From there, Fata started at Four Seasons Pahui’a Restaurant in  Hualalai, Hawaii.  Fata then worked for Jean Georges Vongerichten at The Mark in New York before taking time to stage in the kitchens of WD50, Le Cirque, and Alinea in Chicago where he continued to develop his knowledge of molecular gastronomy. Fata then returned to New York to work at Nougatine, before getting promoted to the three-Michelin-starred Jean Georges where he spent almost two years working through the kitchen. Fata returned to Los Angeles where he most recently worked as sous chef at Church & State under Tony Esnault.





Kevin Micheli is a native of Detroit, Michigan. After receiving a business degree from Western Michigan University, he went on to earn his degree in Culinary Arts at New England Culinary Institute.  Kevin started his career at Cuisine, which was voted Detroit’s best restaurant.  From there, he worked at Michelin-starred restaurants Everest and Crofton on Wells in Chicago, the latter as the Sous Chef. From Chicago, Kevin moved to Seattle where he opened a large hotel-style private residence as Executive Chef.  He most recently worked as Sous Chef at Church and State in Los Angeles under Tony Esnault.


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